Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I need help!

A friend of mine is going to help me with a website...I want to be able to sell stuff (actually, people are already buying it anyway) and have my own little name. So, of course I would like to have 'artsmith.com', but that isn't available.

I'm afraid to use something with Lauri in it, because no one knows how to spell it right. Same thing with Panova, kinda. What do you think about 'smithpanova.com'?

My mom and dad would call me Lu-Lu when I was a kid, so Steven suggested 'lulumakesart.com' or 'lulumakes'. What do you think about that? What about 'smithmakes'???

Help me get a cool name, people!


Nightowl said...

Personally I like "lulupanova.com" and "lulumakesart.com" :)

zorana said...

Lulu is very sweet and easy to remember. Here's one more vote for lulumakesart.

Nichola said...

lulumakesart gets my vote

Sundries Sublime said...

Wow!!! Congratulations! That is SO great! I like the sound of "panova" either alone or with something else. But "lulu" is very cute too! But, I think you should do whatever you love the most regardless if it is hard to spell. Maybe that is bad marketing advice, I don't know. But YOU have to live with that name, hopefully for a long time. I think it should be something that really is YOU!!! :-)

lindiepindie said...

I'm horrible at this, but here's just a thought: What about puting a number in there - lu2makes or lu2panova or lu2artsmith?

vicci said...

I like "lulu" also...I"m tending towards lulupanova....sounds exotic...I've been sick ...but I'm back!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

I thought of 'lulumakes...', but you probably can't put the "..." in the web address. The reason I was thinking of the "..." anyway, is because I don't want to limit myself. I told Steven, I want it to be "lulu makes whatever suits her fancy", and Steven said, "Then call it "LuLu's Fancy!" I'm thinking I like that!

Zee said...

I like Lulupanova! It's easy to say...
See you!

Julie said...

I like the Lulu's fancy!
Have you thought about just opening an account at Etsy?
I think having a web site is kindof $$ and Etsy is really cheap and everyone over there seems to appriciate handmade items and they can pay with Paypal which is nice.
I've only sold 2 items so far but I think it has possiblities!
You can also get your domain name and have it set up to just about any site you want, like your blog address, so if someone types in your www name it comes to your blog.
Just a thought!
Good luck,

justannax said...

I really like lulupanova.com
it is a very striking name, and one not easily forgotten!
I am looking forward seeing your new websit! The best of luck!!