Sunday, August 06, 2006

I can't BELIEVE I didn't take pictures!

You'll just have to trust me...we were there, and it was fun.

Got to meet another 'craftster' who lives here in San Antonio...we met at Barnes & Noble and had a great time!

But...she knits...and I don' you know me, now that I know somebody who can do something I can't do, that competitive stuff kicks in, so now I'm gonna have to learn.

So I went to Michael's Sunday afternoon for a knitting class. All you people who told me crocheting was easier than LIE! Knitting is sooooo much easier! My, uh, thing, is almost recognizable! lol!

So I need a little practice...but hey, at least there is some possibility of me actually being able to knit some day! lol!

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