Thursday, August 10, 2006

So here's some of what I've been doing...

Claire's room is needing a little help on the walls, so...I'm making a pillow! rofl! Hey-makes sense in my world! lol! If you remember, she has the "Lady Bug Room", so this log cabin style/takeoff is made from a bunch of scraps from other works and some material that I've just been hoarding and saving, because I like it so much I'm afraid to cut into it. Like the vintage looking white and green flowers on the red background (2nd horizontal strip down) and the red and white circle-dots (smaller vertical strip than the white polka-dots on red background) that reminds me of Target! lol! It's Claire's favorite store, too, so I had to use it in her pillow! And the big red and white check is a dishtowl. This is a 'work-in-progress' though, just the pieced top. I'll post another picture when I'm done.

And these little cuties are some sandals we (Claire and I) found one day, but they had this hideous heart appliqued on them. I figured I could take the heart off and do something to them, but wasn't sure what. Well, Claire is having a very hard time figuring out which shoe goes on which foot, so, I took the heart off and painted a right foot on the right shoe, and a left foot on the left shoe and told her she has to match her toes to the toes on the shoes.

She's worn them once. Apparently, it's just much easier to take the 50/50 odds with another pair, than to think about getting the right foot in the right shoe with this pair! roflmao!

Also made this little bip, burp cloth and blanket trio for a baby shower this past weekend. My friend is having a little boy, and decorated the nursery with a fish, snails and frogs theme. When I saw this material I knew it was perfect! And it's all lined with yellow chenille. I just love these, because they are so soft and thick...I wish they had had these around or I had thought of it when my kids were babies! I'm probably just going to have to make one for Claire, anyway...she can use it for her dolls, right??? ;)


lindiepindie said...

That is so creative to put those little feet on the sandals. I remember drawing stars on the inside of my son's sandals and telling him to match up the stars. He's 4 now and the stars are long gone and he still sometimes puts them on the wrong foot.

I wish I had thought of the chenille flannel combo when I had kiddos. Ah well.

I know you didn't ask, but I have often thought that if I had a little girl, I would stretch fabric over canvas and decorate her walls - of course, it would be fabric that I had made the stuff in her room out of. I really like that fabric on the top strip - green flowers on a red background. The pillow will look great.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Oh Linda! I have soooo thought of doing the fabric over canvas thing! I definitely want to do it...and I think it would look great in any's just be relegated to a "one of these days" projects! lol!

jojo* said...

Love what you did with the sandals! I'm definitely going to have to copy that idea.