Monday, February 13, 2006

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4 wishes, dreams or desires:
1) to be considered a real artist!
2) for Ethan (my son) to be happy and healthy (mentally)
and be able to live a "normal" life. (He's Bipolar.)
3) to live a long, happy life with my husband and children.
4) to open the minds of the closed minded!

4 Imaginary Lives:
1) To be THE lawyer who takes deadbeat father's and
And I'd do it all for free, just for the priviledge.
2) To be an advocate for children, victims of rape,
victims of domestic violence, and Gay & Lesbian
Rights. (Which, incidentally, I was doing as a
career until Allison was born.)
3) Live the stereotypical lifestyle of the
Bohemian Artist/Singer. I love to sing!
4) Be an FBI Profiler.

4 Things I Should Change:
1) Spending Habits
2) The way I react to frustration.
4) My underwear. lol!
I really can't answer this one.

4 People I Admire:
1) Frida Kahlo
2) Rosa Parks
3) Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe of
Roe v. Wade fame)
4) Melissa Etheridge


vicci said...

Happy Valentine's Day Lauri!!!!

melba said...

Thamks for playing along! you gave some interesting answers, very ambitious. Hope you have a great <3 day!